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Subject: Black Men
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hersey06 8/10/2006 - 10:08:46
Why is it so hard to find a good black man not a boy but a Man? *

mezjstme 12/23/2006 - 7:56:57
It is hard but believe me they r out there. What a real blackman wants is a real blackwoman. Both real rite from the jungles of africa. Black by nature proud by choice. U get what u give. Keep it real. *

eizzy 24.03.08 - 07:26pm
Even here in africa, its still hard 2 fynd a real man! I think itz cuz we've realy been uprooted n confused we dnt even kno wat a real man iz no mo. I mean 4rm d slave dayz black men were taught by d white man 2 sell off their own women, datz where dis whole culture of pimpin came abt, n datz wat became the definition of a real man. We need 2 re-educate our boyz on what a black man iz, wat he shud b, only then will we get real men... *

jucyjane 4.07.08 - 02:46pm
Do blck men rly only want blck gals or is there a chance for me to be happy eva afta *

tapela 21.07.08 - 04:48am
Black men do lyk white ladys only whites ar in doubts. *

spice44 24.10.08 - 03:43pm
yaa..!we r real n kicking,we r nt fake!nway hello (eizzy)cll me? *

starfox 30.12.08 - 07:54pm
Real black men are hard to find cause you havent met me yet. A hot jamaican guy who just love to have fun. My pic is comin here soon *

brebre18 2.05.10 - 06:53am
Itz very hard to find a black man tat iz faithful *

birach 28.06.13 - 11:40pm
heya any1 wanna chat bud me x x x *

maurtim 9.08.13 - 03:43pm
Black *

vickiepr 12.08.13 - 04:23am
Av got a fck of life. This dude has a masive cork mmm...... *

ash4frnd 1.09.14 - 11:58am
Hi bby r u on watsapp skype yahoo msnger tangoo line nimbuzz b wechat viber or kik add me +919883695437 o 3456 BBM 75248E4D/7e06efae *

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