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Subject: Lets style up!!
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davieluv 10.04.08 - 11:34am
Ok we blacks n we hunks but du we hav brains? Yeah we du so lets pruv t.lets tok abt manly tings lyk politics,sports,cars,ps2 n women. Lets lay strategies on hw 2 conquer poor galz hearts...or beta-share detail o our conquests. *

davieluv 10.04.08 - 11:42am
Ok,1st topic: who here hates chics' romantic cravings n dat nonsense of 'tru love'? *

eizzy 20.04.08 - 08:09pm
Davie, i thought u were d true love kinda guy!? Lmao! N aint nuffin wrng wid romance, itz wat fuels d passion, sets d mood, makes those moments special...its the little things that count! ...hmm, i think im a romantic! *

eizzy 20.04.08 - 08:14pm
Wat i wana kno is why all the food prices goin up?? I kno itz nt just a UG problem buh mst otha african countries...k, leave alone the imported goods, but the localy produced goods 2, lyk salt...watz happening and wat caused it?? *

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